♬ New Music: Luminous - Problem

Concering the latest offering, which will be part of his project to be released in September,

Luminous writes:

Allow me to breakdown the artwork here. The main elements are

1. The eyes and

2. The covering of the mouth.

"Problem" is part of a whole album (titled DRIVEN). On the "Intro" of the album there is a line where I say:

"Life renders me speechless with all its mumble B/

So I express my heart in a song, thats a Bumble Bee/"

That is a "Transformers" (movie) reference hence my mouth is covered.

The red eyes? I have a song on the Project called "Depression" and I say:

"My tears aren't just tears no more, my eyes bleed"/ (Meaning I'm in a lot of pain)

On that same song I say:

"I'm scared my girl fell for a Capsule of pain"

That brings us back to "Problem".

My highs, lows, Joy, pain, etc make up the problem that I am and I'm still just what she needs!

There is no upside down cross.

In September I will put out the whole album and I can't control how people interpret it. That's art anyway, it means different things to different people but like I said in the album:

"sit where i sit and i pray you see what i see/

walk in my shoes and i hope you feel what i feel"/

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