My Prayer For Zimbabwe

Father, we trust in You, and our hope is solely on You.

In this hard times, remind us of hope that is found only in You, and a peace that surpasses any understanding that we can only get from You.

We have come so far as a country, because You have been so good and gracious to us.

We have come a long way as a country because You have sovereignly favoured us in so many ways.

We have one of the most beautiful countries on this continent, and dare I say the world. From Zambezi to Limpopo, You have given us vast lands, vast forestry and an amazing wildlife that all speaks of Your glory and majesty.

Lord you have blessed us with some of the greatest minds on this continent. Our brothers and sisters, by Your grace, have contributed greatly to many economies all over the world - and this is not because we are any better, but because You have granted us such grace.

You have taken us through very difficult times as a people - and in all those times You have proved faithful on behalf of Your people, the Church. You have proved that You provide by any means and not just means that make sense to us. You have proved that You have a plan for Your people in this country even through the hardships. They have caused us to trust You more. To depend on You. To love You more.

Yet, Lord we have suffered inhumane treatment of a large scale because of leaders who have worshipped themselves instead of the Living God.

We have seen our brothers and sisters killed unjustly at the hands of evil men who have loved power more than they have feared Your Holy Name.

We have suffered extremely, not because of our doing, but the doing of evil men who have failed to lead people gently like the Good Sherperd does.

And so we weep Lord.

We mourn.

We cry.

We are depressed.

We are saddened.

We are angry.

We are frustrated.

We are weary.

We are tempted to trust ourselves and look within ourselves for a solution to our woes.

We are tempted to trust men to deliver us peace and happiness.

We are tempted to trust foreign, wealthy countries as our source of refuge and peace.

We are tempted to give up hope.

But we know well that its only in You where we can get solutions for our woes.

We know that its not in men or powerful men that we can get help in times of need.

We know that foreign and wealthy countries are just but broken cisterns, with waters that cannot satisfy.

We know that only in You we have our hope.

Help us in these times.

Bring us hope.

Give us strength.

We won't put trust in men.

But in the only true Lover of our souls.

Lead us we plead, for Christ's name we pray.


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